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Despite the hard working attitude of consortium partners, there was a need for a face-to-face meeting and discussion on the arrangement of to-be-taught contents among the 9 courses. Thus, ESSENCE raised another meeting on 12 – 15 September 2018 in Tomsk University Polytechnic (Russia). Again, Prof. Nguyen Minh Tam was selected together with Prof. Le Chi Kien in the role of course developers in HCMUTE to participate in this important meeting.

It turned out that due to the pre-process to reduce the number of courses from 21 to 09, the contents originally existing in different courses appeared in the combined courses. Also, there were quite many overlaps among the 09 courses. In addition, because the concepts on the required contents and the depth of the transferred knowledge in EU, RU and VN partner universities were not similar, more arguments and discussions had to be conducted for the commonly compromised course contents and requirements.

The meeting actually gave the course developers opportunities to express their opinions and reasons why a certain contents should be emerged into this course but not others by considering an overview map about the whole technological contents transferred in SES Master program. Although the overlaps were unavoidable and thus still existed in some parts of courses, especially those were important in these courses. All partners actively collaborated to finalize syllabi description and overall core structure of SES curricula, to harmonize ILOs and PLOs, to elaborate final equipment/software/book lists, to develop teaching materials process.

Besides, all participants had a chance to enjoy lively discussions during numerous networking activities and social events. The participants visited labs housed by the School of Energy and Power engineering, Museum of TPU history and the University exhibition hall. A management session was included in the meeting agenda as usual, and this time, each Work package leader (WP leader) was required to present the up-to-date achievements (for work packages on-going) or implementation-plan (for work packages not-yet-done but to-be-done) in the rest of ESSENCE Project.

After coming home, HCMUTE team included Prof. Truong Viet Anh, Prof. Le Chi Kien, Prof. Nguyen Minh Tam, Prof. Quyen Huy Anh... had developed not less than 07 versions of the course syllabi and kept working continuously with the Prof. Anton V. Prokhorov, the leader of Work package No.2, through Skype talks and emails. The team showed great care and consideration about the contents to be included in each course in regards to the teaching-learning process and methodologies when delivering the courses in the near future. However, still there existed the minor content overlaps that were not thoroughly solved.

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