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This is the results of E-Portfolio piloting at HCMUTE, please click the link:

HCMUTE has created the platform with MAHARA for students' E-portfolio. But, in the piloting time, the MAHARA platform had problems, so I guided my students to make an E-portfolio with Blog. I use E-Portfolio as a final assessment tool, there are 8 tasks that students have to do to achieve the objectives of the subject. I expect my students that they can make a reflection for each task.

Here is a process to make an E-Portfolio that I used:
- First, I introduce e-portfolio to students and explain why it is used;
- Second, introducing the Gibbs model to students and guided them how to use it for self-assessment/reflection;
- Third, guiding student steps to make e-portfolio and form e-portfolio structure;
- Fourth, students have the first version, I look through and give them some suggests to adjust their e-portfolio.

Regarding the technology issue, students could do it beyond my expectation. But, it seems to be difficult for students to make a reflection. I and students had about 4 final-weeks of the semester to do e-portfolio, I realized that it is better for students to make an e-portfolio at the beginning of the semester, because we have more time to adjust.

Please give me some comments to improve students' E-portfolio for next time.



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