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Information sessions for industry at HCMUTE 

As pre-planned, twelve teachers in the field of Energy Engineering of HCMUTE paid a business visit to Pacifico Company on one of their Solar farms in Ninh Thuan Provice on 15th October 2019. The 40MWp farm has been completely constructed within 8 months from 12 October 2018 till 12 June 2019 with the total investment of 10,000,000USD. Thank to the fact that Ninh Thuan is one of the places possessing the highest potential of solar radiation in Vietnam, there are more than 20 other similar ongoing projects in Ninh Thuan Province, which are expected to contribute to the National power grid Giga-watts solar electricity power to cover the power shortage of the Province in specific and the nation in general by making use of solar energy. Such model is showing excellent economic benefit as well as the promising model to be replicated in other places. As a result, the grid control and capacity are also the foci for the sustainable development here. The plant is a closely cooperative partner to many world famous electrical & electronics companies.

During the meeting, participants exchanged expertise between the academic teachers/researchers and the management and engineers of the plant for up-to-date technology applications and solutions. By this chance, HCMUTE also shared with the host delegation research projects and future strategies for scientific cooperation. Contents and information about ESSENCE project was introduced through a presentation session and it was highly evaluated by the host delegation as a very promising and just-in-time program to prepare for human resource of the energy engineering field in the very near future. HCMUTE delegation was warmly received by the Vice Director and delegates of the plant and had a fruitful discussion and plant-tour afterwards.
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