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Succeeding the Kick-off meeting on 16th Feb 2018, the 2nd ESSENCE consortium meeting was conducted in INP - Grenoble (France) on 04-06 April 2018. HCMUTE assigned Prof. Hoang An Quoc and Dr. Nguyen Vu Lan to attend the meeting on behalf of the university team. It was by that time that the HCMUTE representatives as well as those from HUMG met and got acquainted with members of other EU partner universities. 

During the 3-day meeting, each partner university presented about its current capabilities, strengths and training experience in SES field; expectation about the ESSENCE project results and impact on their development; further opportunities on cooperation among consortium members established thanking to the implementation of the common ESSENCE project.

Regarding the key tasks of ESSENCE project, the following works were done:
- All the ESSENCE Work packages were gone through with open discussion on what should be done for the work package leaders as well as other partners on the basis of survey results conducted on Russian and Vietnamese stakeholders (students, academics and industries). 
- A list of 21 courses was proposed for discussion. After parallel sessions, a panel session agreed on the final list of 9 courses.
- An arrangement for course developers, academic and industrial reviewers was proposed. Accordingly, HCMUTE (P9) had to deal with development for the two courses Energy Management Systems and Power System Analysis.
- A methodology for course assessment/review was also raised to obtain the commonly agreed criteria and steps
- A plan for the next actions and meeting was also discussed and fixed on before the meeting ended.

Like other partners, HCMUTE team came back home with the assigned tasks on implementation of the establishment of ESSENCE team in HCMUTE to develop the 2 course syllabi; doing the 1st financial report; selecting and connecting to industrial partners and academic members for course reviewing; and other related responsibilities. 

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